Jolly Events

Market Activation

Nigeria is West Africa’s largest market with great potential to be a main driver of regional integration considering its population. The markets are where its culture thrives, known for its crowd and the hustle and the bustle, it’s a spring board for introducing products that has mass appeal. Take a look at Jolly and its range creating excitement in the market with full fan fair.

Mumma’s Cook Off

Who will claim the forever bragging rights of being the Best Cook in your Market, in your Area and in your Town. The ingredients, spices and the traditions all lined up to Let the best Mumma win.

Jollof Wars

Battles are faced across nations in multiple forms for all sorts of discrepancies. In the Food culture, the Jollof Wars has made its name as a competition between countries on the best form of Jollof rice preparation. Jollof Rice is the celebratory culture that is the West African region. A dish that has many origin stories. Be it the Home cooks, Mumma’s at the market place or the highly qualified chefs, every Jollof fan claims theirs to be the best. Take a look at few of the best Jollof competitions.