Spice Paste and Seasoning

The ideal spice of a dish lies not in its measurement but in its taste. The ideal dish is one that spices up the meal for you and your family.”

Generally, cooking raises a typical challenge of selecting the right spice mix for yourself and your loved one’s taste buds. Jolly’s spice pastes and seasonings are manufactured to add spice and life to your food inspired by the popular local cuisines. Enjoy your much loved Jollof Rice with Jolly Jollof.

Reimagined from scratch our ready to mix spice pastes bring the local flavours of West Africa to your kitchens which are meticulously put together from trusted traditional recipes. These are not only rich in taste but are quick and easy to make, enabling quality time to the user. The paste is rich in nutrients and provides a healthy, tasty and quick cooking option for today’s busy life.

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